Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


COMING SOON :) watch out for out exciting update, nearly 1 year on !

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Yuni is in lime green!

She wore this for her brother's reception ceremony.

She wore silk at the bottom and chifffon silk at the top.

In her words : "I wore it because it feels comfortable n simple n yet sexy n glamorous. N the theme and the setup for the ceremony pon relax n simple. :D "

Tips :

I say always be comfortable in whatever you wear, escpecially during events! I think most hijabis can pull off the pario bottom (someone got to teach me how to tie it nicely like yunie!). Chiffons are also naturally transparent so make sure make sure you wear something to cover yourself under the chiffon.

Yuni's attire reminds me of lemon meringue! YUM!


Friday, May 21, 2010



RUSY, we can never get enough!

Her tips :

"spice it up with belts, necklace and heels. In this look, I stick to basic colours ie. black and grey but I go a little bit wild with the accessories. "

She also mentioned bright colours are good with 'dull' outfits!

I particularly love this look because of the high (long) skirt with that high-waisted belt!

Tinggi rupa kamu rusy :p

i really think I could take her look and just put it on me :) hehe. love!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010



This is MUN, also one of the funkiest people we both know. She have got moves and brain to back it all up. Check out her dinner look!

In her words, she wore this to the RMO Society Ball:

" the dress at Forever New ($180) with a cotton-on shirt inside ($10) and I pinned a flower onto the scarf (Diva)."

Her tips :

"I find Cotton-On shirts very cheap, durable and come in so many colours - you can use them with a lot of the outfits. Because the t-shirt is quite fitting with a round neck line, it's good to be used as the underlayer for many of those sleeveless tops and dresses to cover up properly:) I have about 30 cotton-on shirts, some colours such as white, black, beige and brown go with so many outfits that I have duplicates of them :)"

I particularly love the sequins on the chest area, could just skip necklaces with that look!


Sunday, April 25, 2010



I wore this to Malam Gemilang once, and I think the picture looks amazing (I probably should promote the amazing photographer(s) here and ask for their permission but they're nice so they wont bite :) Future! I'll make them take moreeee )

I wore :

1. Traditional ruby red kebaya, with laced top and satin bottom.
2. White pearls (note : we need long ones)
3. My love, the heels, Stuart Weitzman ruby red collection.

Tips :
At formal dinners, get away with wearing pearls! For cheaper options, there are knock offs at shopping centres. Mikimotos are expensive. Habib too. (I know they're pretty!). Sabah and Phillipine pearls are authentic and good for money!

I saw a brownish cream pearl once. Oogled over it for the longest time.


Friday, April 23, 2010


Salam !

This is me at FIESTA MALAYSIA few fiestas ago ;)

I was wearing :

1. Tom Abang Saufi's shawl (it is interchangeable, I wore purple out instead of the hot pink inside). She is a Malaysian designer and this particular design was SMART ! pretty too :)
I messaged her (before all this project started) and she said she is working on a website soon! Can't wait. Found some of her other designs on the web.

2. Double layered pink purple hijab!

3. Printed black/white kebarung (its my sisters ;)).

4. The "Melanau" boys that I taught to perform at the Malaysian festival in Melbourne!

Tips :
Wear white with bright colours!

I should take more "just by myself" pictures huh?